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Hariko no Tora ceramic figurine

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These unique Tiger figurines were handmade from scratch in a very limited quantity, they were molded in faience, then cook one time, painted and then cooked a second time at Biscuit atelier de céramique in Paris.
Hopefully the strong tiger figure will bring protection and luck to your lovely home.
Each piece is unique and made in an artisanal way.
Approximate size is 5 cm large x 6 cm height x 8 cm long ( you can hold it in your palm of your hand)

Hariko no Tora 張り子の虎 means papier-mâché tiger doll in Japanese, now these are not in papier-mâché but in ceramic which makes them very precious and shiny.

The Hariko no Tora is a Japanese papier-mâché toy made from washi whose head swings when touched by a finger. There are many different kinds of Hariko in different parts of Japan. In the Osaka region, the Hariko takes the form of a tiger. It is believed to have the power to keep away evil spirits and prevent disease, it is also known as a lucky charm for victory.