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Hariko no Tora pink - A4 riso print

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Hariko no Tora pink 張り子の虎
Papier-mâché tiger doll

The Hariko no Tara is a Japanese papier-mâché toy made from washi whose head swings when touched by a finger. There are many different kinds of Hariko in different parts of Japan. In the Osaka region, the Hariko takes the form of a tiger. It is believed to have the power to keep away evil spirits and prevent disease, it is also known as a lucky charm for victory.

Riso A4 (4 colors) / size: 21x29,7cm
Printed in Spain by Sonriso studio on Fedrigoni, Arena Rough Blanco Natural paper, 300 gr. Each print is slightly different due to the Riso technique which makes each print unique. Risography ink does not dry 100%. It is possible that the print has some marks due to the artisanal printing technique. It is also best not to touch the prints.
Pictures by Sonriso studio.